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New Zealand Foreign Trustee Services

New Zealand trusts established by non-New Zealanders are known as New Zealand foreign trusts. A correctly structured New Zealand foreign trust offers unique benefits to international investors seeking to protect and preserve their assets. For instance:

  • Develop trust documentation specific to individual’s jurisdictional requirements
  • Ensure New Zealand foreign trust is deemed compliant
  • Split trusts
  • Memorandum of wishes
  • Trust resolutions supporting trustees decisions
  • Develop structures specific to Settlors wishes

Why a New Zealand Foreign Trust?

New Zealand law specifically creates unique benefits when establishing a New Zealand foreign trust, as;

New Zealand trust law gives special recognition on the role of the protector/appointor.

Being aware of this and many other benefits is not the same as maximizing the advantage from them. Though advantageous if used correctly, New Zealand trust law still requires diligent compliance. And when combined with the demands of settlors’ varied international jurisdictions, the creation of an effective New Zealand foreign trust structure – one which satisfies the specific long term goals of the families involved – requires a high degree of specialist knowledge and personal integrity.

New Zealand Foreign Trustee Services works closely with individuals and their advisers to understand their unique financial requirements. Where appropriate we travel internationally to meet with clients and intermediaries.

We present our clients and intermediaries with timely, independent advice and explain all of the options. As a client of NZFTS, you can expect us to give you every piece of information you need in order to make secure decisions about establishing an offshore trust structure, which will deliver on your expectations.

If you’re looking to partner with independent New Zealand foreign trustee specialists, phone Jonathan Cron on +64 27 432 0875 or email us.


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Trusts can help consolidate widely dispersed assets.


Trusts can significantly mitigate complexities for international estates.

Asset Protection
Asset Protection

Trusts help keep your private and family assets safe from business risk and other attacks.

Succession Planning
Succession Planning

Trusts enable you to pass family wealth smoothly from one generation to the next.

We travel internationally to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique jurisdiction 

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“At New Zealand Foreign Trustee Services we work closely with individuals and their advisers to understand their unique financial requirements about establishing an offshore trust structure, to deliver on their expectations.”

– Jonathan Cron

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